Investment Strategy

Northside Fund’s Edge

Trent Moore has strong relationships with San Francisco’s top apartment brokers with his 20+ years of experience multifamily investments. These relationships give Trent “first look”–shown investments opportunities before they hit the wider market–and "last look"–a chance to bid after all the other players have made their move. These relationships will be leveraged for the Fund’s acquisitions.

How We Finance

Northside will make acquisitions using a combination of all cash, seller financing, and bank financing depending on the circumstances of each asset.

How We Operate

Northside will be able to control all leasing and property management through Trent Moore ‘s third-party management company.  This is a strength in controlling leasing prices, obtaining quality tenants, and keeping expenses low.

Investment Criteria

Location: North side of San Francisco

Deal Size: $2 - $10 Million

Multifamily: Five or more units

Underwriting Standards: Five percent and above cap rate with built-in upside.

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